I was recently reminded of a comment by Om Malik where he talks of succeeding in a crowded market:

“Put all the things that are part of your daily routine into these two buckets — happiness and utility — and you will see it for yourself that in the end, those two are the driving forces behind a successful app, service, device or media property.”

The world of coaching, app creation, marketing, or widget hawking is already quite crowded. Standing out and making a difference is harder than ever - until we embrace the truth in his comment and relentlessly pursue delivering happiness or utility to our end user/client/customer/consumer/friend.

Anything else, and we run the risk of becoming irrelevant. We risk the financial, emotional, and opportunity losses that accompany a years-long endeavor which fizzles out.

Interestingly, the quote above was made in 2011. Nearly a decade later, it is more relevant than ever.

How are you delivering happiness or utility in what you do?